Principal & Founder (Canada)

Instagram - Claire Krista @clairekrista

Claire comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has always dreamt of owning her own business. With over 10 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Claire began her path on board an international cruise line where she provided expert advice to guests who were purchasing the perfect holiday keepsake.

Claire became established as a Diamond, Gemstone and Luxury Brand Expert and she could not shake her love of sparkly stones when she returned home to Vancouver. Claire spent time as a diamond broker before turning her passion for beautiful jewelry into a full time business venture. Claire launched Boutique Diamonds to educate and guide clients in choosing unique, custom pieces which is truly her dream come true.


Partner, Owner (US)

Instagram - Claire Krista @aimeesupp

Whether it signifies a first love, a new love, or lasting love, or simply success along the way, Aimee thinks every piece of jewelry tells a story. It helps us celebrate life events, reminds us of those we love, and rewards our accomplishments — big and small. When she was 13, her grandmother began handing down pieces of jewelry that her grandfather gave her as they traveled the world. Aimee’s love of combining the tradition stayed with her ever since.

Aimee’s passion grew, like Claire’s, when she worked internationally on cruise ships connecting guests with a piece of jewelry that symbolized their special occasion… and where they were in the world. A lover of love stories, Aimee’s commitment is that finding that perfect symbol is effortless. Allowing you to focus on your story, while empowering you along the way.